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Why Is an Arborist Important For Your Tree’s Health?

It’s a fact that trees are a very important part of our planet. Without them, many forms of life, including man, will be extinct. Trees provide us with fresh air we depend on daily, they add beauty to our space and yards, and some provide food, shelter, and medicine. To provide these benefits to us, trees need to stay healthy and in perfect shape. This is where an arborist comes in. There are so many reasons why an arborist is important for your tree’s health.

Who Is An Arborist?

In simple words, an arborist is a tree care professional that performs tree selection, maintenance, removal, and general tree care in commercial, public, and residential areas.

An arborist receives special training and can perform tree care activities such as diagnosis and treatment of tree diseases, insect infestation, and environmental issues that affect the tree.

What does an arborist do?

An arborist can safely climb, prune, cut, or chip and remove parts of the tree.

They also recommend suitable fertilizer and pesticide application to help keep the good health of a tree.

A qualified arborist is always certified and licensed and keeps themselves with the latest tree biology, and care.

Why Is An Arborist Important

Now, with the knowledge of who an arborist is and what they do, here are reasons why they are very important for your tree’s health.

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Arborists Have Skills In Proper Tree Care

If you want to properly care for your tree, you will first need to have plenty of time, knowledge, and invest your energy. Even if you have given all this but with little skills that you possess, your tree may just die after some time.

However, when you involve an arborist, you will be assured of professionalism and safe care for your tree. The right fertilizer will be applied, proper diagnosis and treatment for your tree will be performed and save it from dying.

Arborists can work on your trees safely

When you need to reduce the branches, cut down excess leaves, or remove the dead ones, you do not just need the right tools and equipment for the task. For your own safety and to avoid unnecessary accidents, you need to have the right skills to climb tall trees. Most households do not have the right tools to handle these issues. Arborists have all that is needed for these tasks.

In addition to these, an arborist can help to safely transplant a tree to a new place in your area.

An Arborist can help you with emergency tree services

Wind, storms, and heavy rains can make trees fall at any time. It can be difficult for you to remove large trees blocking your way on your own. Arborists have the right tools to deal with such emergencies. They can safely cut and remove the trees, clearing the way for you. An arborist also has the proper tools for grinding and removing stumps in your yard.