How Much Does It Cost to Cut Down a Pine Tree?

The direct answer to the question of how much it costs to have a pine tree cut is anywhere between $200 to $1,500. The range is so wide since there are many imponderables in there. The first important factor in determining how much the tree service company will charge is the height of the pine tree. If it has a moderate height of up to 40-feet, then you may have to spend only around $400. The other aspects to be considered are the tasks included in the job, like removing the tree after cutting and removing the stump and leaving the place clean.

Factors Contributing to the Cost of Cutting Down Pine Trees

If you call in a tree trimming and removal service to cut and remove the pine tree from your yard, they may send their arborist and a tree service expert to make an inspection. They will want to know:

  • The height of the pine tree; typically, the price varies trees up to 40-feet and then up to 80-feet
  • The location of the tree in your yard, in terms of the accessibility
  • The type of equipment needed to finish the pine tree cutting job
  • Activities involved other than just cutting the tree, like tree removal, stump removal and so on.
  • Any additional landscaping or other services needed

Each of these matters to the tree service company. When the pine tree is too tall, there will be a requirement for special gear for the tree cutting specialists to reach the top branches. The security of the person doing the tree cutting will have to be covered.

The accessibility is important since there can be other trees obstructing the movement of equipment closer to the pine tree to be cut.

Tree removal is a huge task. Cutting the branches into smaller portions, removing the leaves, and loading and transporting the wood for disposal consume time and manpower. The cost of cutting down a pine tree will go up accordingly.

Regulations and Caution

Most local bodies in the US will have clear guidelines for cutting down trees by the public even within their own yards. Some permit the cutting and removal of the tree if the entire tree is within your property and no part of it is extending to your neighbor’s property or into public places. In some cases, the tree cutting service company may offer its service to obtain this permission.

The security aspect is also very critical to the operation. The tree service operators are under obligation to the state to protect their employees from accidental falls while being engaged in tree cutting. This will mean providing them with all the protective gear and ensuring their safety.

Similarly, if the tree cutting involves any part of the tree falling where there is a public road, the authorities have to be informed in advance so that the traffic could be diverted for the duration the tree cutting work is on.

In the final analysis, all these add up to the overall cost of cutting down the pine tree in your yard. Call in the right agency and obtain their full quotation before entrusting them with the job.