Can I Sell My Palm Tree?

You can sell your palm tree but there are different scenarios to be considered before you can start counting the dollars. The first aspect to be checked would be if your local county permits the removal and selling of trees. Some counties do but many of them don’t. You can only think of selling your palm tree if there is no such restriction. The other most significant factor would be if the palm tree you are hoping to sell to a palm digger is of the variety that fetches a handsome price in the market. If your palm tree is an ordinary species not valued much, the palm digger won’t be interested in it. The cost of removing and transporting it would make a huge dent in whatever profit he can earn.

Why Sell Palm Trees?

What are the Reasons People Want to Sell Their Palm Trees?

People in the business of buying and selling palm trees say they are approached by residents wanting to sell their palm trees for different reasons.

  • Some feel the tree has grown too big for their garden and want it removed
  • Some don’t like palm trees; they might have purchased a property and found it standing there
  • Some are allergic to the seeds falling all over the place; they don’t want to do the cleaning up act
  • Some palm tree owners want to sell it since they need the area to expand their buildings
  • Some simply want to sell because they have been given to understand that it fetches them dollars

Whatever be the reason for your wanting to sell your palm tree, you must know how to go about it.

Identify the Type of Palm Tree You Have

If you have a palm tree that can be identified to one of the Phoenix family of palm trees, you can nurse hopes of it being bought by a palm digger and that he would pay you handsomely. The names these palm trees go by can include Phoenix reclinate, Phoenix dactylifera (date palm), Phoenix roebellini and Phoenix rupicola. If the palm tree you are trying to sell is one of these species, you may be able to get a good price. Jubaea chilensis or Chilean Wine Palm is another palm tree variety that can go for a good price.

Your first job is to make an identification of the exact variety of palm standing in your yard. You can either take a photograph and post it on one of the sites that specialize in it. Experts will then take a look at it and confirm the variety. You may then start getting offers to buy it.

Palm Tree
California Palm Tree

Things to Know While Selling Palm Trees

You should exercise some care while choosing the buyer you wish to sell your palm tree to. Like you have in every business, there are unreliable and unscrupulous middlemen in the palm digging as well. Make sure you are dealing with a genuine palm digger and enter into a proper contract with him. Ensure there is a timeframe written in the contract for the removal of the palm tree and the payment clauses are clear and unambiguous.

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