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Why Is an Arborist Important For Your Tree’s Health?

It’s a fact that trees are a very important part of our planet. Without them, many forms of life, including man, will be extinct. Trees provide us with fresh air we depend on daily, they add beauty to our space and yards, and some provide food, shelter, and medicine. To provide these benefits to us, trees need to stay healthy and in perfect shape. This is where an arborist comes in. There are so many reasons why an arborist is important for your tree’s health.

Who Is An Arborist?

In simple words, an arborist is a tree care professional that performs tree selection, maintenance, removal, and general tree care in commercial, public, and residential areas.

An arborist receives special training and can perform tree care activities such as diagnosis and treatment of tree diseases, insect infestation, and environmental issues that affect the tree.

What does an arborist do?

An arborist can safely climb, prune, cut, or chip and remove parts of the tree.

They also recommend suitable fertilizer and pesticide application to help keep the good health of a tree.

A qualified arborist is always certified and licensed and keeps themselves with the latest tree biology, and care.

Why Is An Arborist Important

Now, with the knowledge of who an arborist is and what they do, here are reasons why they are very important for your tree’s health.

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Arborists Have Skills In Proper Tree Care

If you want to properly care for your tree, you will first need to have plenty of time, knowledge, and invest your energy. Even if you have given all this but with little skills that you possess, your tree may just die after some time.

However, when you involve an arborist, you will be assured of professionalism and safe care for your tree. The right fertilizer will be applied, proper diagnosis and treatment for your tree will be performed and save it from dying.

Arborists can work on your trees safely

When you need to reduce the branches, cut down excess leaves, or remove the dead ones, you do not just need the right tools and equipment for the task. For your own safety and to avoid unnecessary accidents, you need to have the right skills to climb tall trees. Most households do not have the right tools to handle these issues. Arborists have all that is needed for these tasks.

In addition to these, an arborist can help to safely transplant a tree to a new place in your area.

An Arborist can help you with emergency tree services

Wind, storms, and heavy rains can make trees fall at any time. It can be difficult for you to remove large trees blocking your way on your own. Arborists have the right tools to deal with such emergencies. They can safely cut and remove the trees, clearing the way for you. An arborist also has the proper tools for grinding and removing stumps in your yard.…

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Can I Sell My Palm Tree?

You can sell your palm tree but there are different scenarios to be considered before you can start counting the dollars. The first aspect to be checked would be if your local county permits the removal and selling of trees. Some counties do but many of them don’t. You can only think of selling your palm tree if there is no such restriction. The other most significant factor would be if the palm tree you are hoping to sell to a palm digger is of the variety that fetches a handsome price in the market. If your palm tree is an ordinary species not valued much, the palm digger won’t be interested in it. The cost of removing and transporting it would make a huge dent in whatever profit he can earn.

Why Sell Palm Trees?

What are the Reasons People Want to Sell Their Palm Trees?

People in the business of buying and selling palm trees say they are approached by residents wanting to sell their palm trees for different reasons.

  • Some feel the tree has grown too big for their garden and want it removed
  • Some don’t like palm trees; they might have purchased a property and found it standing there
  • Some are allergic to the seeds falling all over the place; they don’t want to do the cleaning up act
  • Some palm tree owners want to sell it since they need the area to expand their buildings
  • Some simply want to sell because they have been given to understand that it fetches them dollars

Whatever be the reason for your wanting to sell your palm tree, you must know how to go about it.

Identify the Type of Palm Tree You Have

If you have a palm tree that can be identified to one of the Phoenix family of palm trees, you can nurse hopes of it being bought by a palm digger and that he would pay you handsomely. The names these palm trees go by can include Phoenix reclinate, Phoenix dactylifera (date palm), Phoenix roebellini and Phoenix rupicola. If the palm tree you are trying to sell is one of these species, you may be able to get a good price. Jubaea chilensis or Chilean Wine Palm is another palm tree variety that can go for a good price.

Your first job is to make an identification of the exact variety of palm standing in your yard. You can either take a photograph and post it on one of the sites that specialize in it. Experts will then take a look at it and confirm the variety. You may then start getting offers to buy it.

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California Palm Tree

Things to Know While Selling Palm Trees

You should exercise some care while choosing the buyer you wish to sell your palm tree to. Like you have in every business, there are unreliable and unscrupulous middlemen in the palm digging as well. Make sure you are dealing with a genuine palm digger and enter into a proper contract with him. Ensure there is a timeframe written in the contract for the removal of the palm tree and the payment clauses are clear and unambiguous.

For all tree-related activities, you can count on Evergreen Tree Trimming and Removal Service. They are experts in this business.…

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How Much Does It Cost to Cut Down a Pine Tree?

The direct answer to the question of how much it costs to have a pine tree cut is anywhere between $200 to $1,500. The range is so wide since there are many imponderables in there. The first important factor in determining how much the tree service company will charge is the height of the pine tree. If it has a moderate height of up to 40-feet, then you may have to spend only around $400. The other aspects to be considered are the tasks included in the job, like removing the tree after cutting and removing the stump and leaving the place clean.

Factors Contributing to the Cost of Cutting Down Pine Trees

If you call in a tree trimming and removal service to cut and remove the pine tree from your yard, they may send their arborist and a tree service expert to make an inspection. They will want to know:

  • The height of the pine tree; typically, the price varies trees up to 40-feet and then up to 80-feet
  • The location of the tree in your yard, in terms of the accessibility
  • The type of equipment needed to finish the pine tree cutting job
  • Activities involved other than just cutting the tree, like tree removal, stump removal and so on.
  • Any additional landscaping or other services needed

Each of these matters to the tree service company. When the pine tree is too tall, there will be a requirement for special gear for the tree cutting specialists to reach the top branches. The security of the person doing the tree cutting will have to be covered.

The accessibility is important since there can be other trees obstructing the movement of equipment closer to the pine tree to be cut.

Tree removal is a huge task. Cutting the branches into smaller portions, removing the leaves, and loading and transporting the wood for disposal consume time and manpower. The cost of cutting down a pine tree will go up accordingly.

Regulations and Caution

Most local bodies in the US will have clear guidelines for cutting down trees by the public even within their own yards. Some permit the cutting and removal of the tree if the entire tree is within your property and no part of it is extending to your neighbor’s property or into public places. In some cases, the tree cutting service company may offer its service to obtain this permission.

The security aspect is also very critical to the operation. The tree service operators are under obligation to the state to protect their employees from accidental falls while being engaged in tree cutting. This will mean providing them with all the protective gear and ensuring their safety.

Similarly, if the tree cutting involves any part of the tree falling where there is a public road, the authorities have to be informed in advance so that the traffic could be diverted for the duration the tree cutting work is on.

In the final analysis, all these add up to the overall cost of cutting down the pine tree in your yard. Call in the right agency and obtain their full quotation before entrusting them with the job.

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Probably you’re wondering if any of the trees in your Charlotte home is dying. Well, you’re doing the right thing by trying to find out if there’s a problem. Like human beings and other animals, trees have a life expectancy and need proper care and maintenance for them to thrive. They need a healthy environment where they can grow strong and healthy. Good nutrition is also important.

You must also realize that trees can die from disease or old age just like we do. Tree need the same care and maintenance you’d give to grass or garden flowers. There’s a misconception that big trees don’t need any care and can fend for themselves. This is wrong. If a tree isn’t looking good consider looking for an arborist to loot at it. There are signs of impending death you could not be seeing. Note that an arborist has the right training and knowledge and can help identify such signs.

  •   Some of the signs you need to look out for include:
  •   Dead branches especially at the top of your tree
  •   Peeling, cracked or split back
  •   Leaves blooming late and falling off early
  •   Old leaf color

Removing a dead tree will help you avoid many problems such as the tree falling on your property, reducing the value of your property, injury to people when the tree falls, spreading of tree disease, and infestation of pests. Let Veteran Residential Works in Charlotte help you remove all the dead trees in your home. We offer Charlotte Tree service throughout the following areas Belmont, Charlotte China Grove, Concord, Cornelius, Davidson, Denver Fort Mill, Gastonia, Monroe Harrisburg, Huntersville, Kannapolis, Lake Wylie, Lake Norma, Lincolnton, Matthews, Mint Hill, Mooresville, Mt. holly, Sherrils Ford, and Troutman.